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to me michael was/is heaven sent, he has a beautifull soul, unlike any other on the planet.his kindness to others is unmeasurable. he was so miss understood.and it breaks my heart when i think of the pain and ridicule he had to endure. i love his smile, the way he laughed,and his cheeky sense of humour,his stunning eyes, his amazing talent for song writing and dancing will never ever be matched by anyone. you are the one michael always will be , love you and miss you so much it hurtsxxxx
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yesturday,29th december 2009, i went to see "michael jackson, the official exhibition", at the 02 in london, the minute i walked in, tears started to fill my eyes, all his clothes and most of his belongings were not under glass, and were so close *only about a foot away*, i so wanted to touch the clothes that he had worn, but there were guards and cameras everywhere.!, all i kept thinking was his body has been in these clothes, and his hands have touched the furniture, car, and paintings etc, it upset me to think that this was the closest i would ever be to him , i have put some photos of some of the exhibits on here.
there was so much on display, it was mind blowing!,his signed contracts, the lyrics to "beat it" written by michael in his handwriting. his atashey case used in all the billy jean live performances, the guitars from "scream", the si fi, chair from "scream", loads of his gloves plus the 1983 grammy award one. and loads loads more,
one exhibit that pulled at my heart strings was a small tupperware box and a flask, these were filled with snacks and a drink by michaels children , he used to take them along to his rehearsals for "this is it", I kept staring at these simple items and image him eating from that simple little box and drinking from that flask.
i know this sounds discusting, but im sure some of the clothes at the exhibition still have some of his sweat on them or his DNA, thats why i wanted to touch them.
to see his dangerous outfit, was amazing, i could just imagine him standing there in front of me wearing it. and when i saw the gold pants, i nearly fainted!, there they were right in front of me ,just an arms length away.the outfit he wore for "remember the time" was alot more elaborate than i looks on the video.
the top he wore on the "bad" tour was also there, the silver one with the straps down the arms,
I just wanted to run away with them all and sleep with them under my pillow forever!!
The whole exhibition made me feel as if i was close to michael, and because i never met michael in real life , this was the closest thing to it that sadly im ever going to get.
When i saw the clothes and shoes made for michael to wear at the "this is it" concerts, it brought it all home to me that hes gone. in body anyway.but in my heart and for the rest of my life he will be with me and all of us his fans , forever in spirit.
if you get the chance to see this exhibition its a must, a chance of a lifetime to be as close as we can now to our his earthly body.

I quietly wept all around the exhibition, because i was overwhelmed that i was in the same room as things that had been touched by michael or worn by him, and the overwhelming saddness that he is no longer on this earth and we will never hear him sing or dance live again.

But what thought comforts me is that we have his spirit around us, and that we are left with his wonderful music and dance to watch and listen to forever.

thankyou michael for letting me see your possesions, i felt closer to you being near your things, and i could feel your spirit around me , when i was feeling the pain in my heart . i could almost image you saying "please dont cry".

yesturday, 21st feb, 2010, i revisited the exhibition with my very good friend diane, who came all the way from finland to go to the 02.and see michaels things, we had the most wonderful day, we cried alot and laughed alot, to visit the exhibition with another michael fan, was very special and something i wont forget. once again i felt michaels presence around us when we were inside the exhibition, but i felt slightly more detached this time around, i think this was because since my last visit i have had several spiritual exsperiences that have brought me to a new understanding, in that michael is alive in spirit and that the things he left behind, have no value to him, and are meaningless now. but he understands how us as fans would want to see his belongings, after all he loves his fans so much, and if he was still on this earth he would welcome us into his life because we all mean so much to him.
im so honored and privilidged to know that he is loving me, and now sends me waves of his divine love, i love you michael, and i love all of you, my friends, in michael xxx