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*2010/06/21: Michael Jackson Poem Recited by Maya Angelou
The first and only public reading of "We Had Him" by Maya Angelou. This is the poem she wrote for the Michael Jackson memorial. Dr. Angelou then receives her dot in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Additional footage, exclusive to the MJTP:“He doesn’t have to be translated.”“…humbly over the moon”“He spoke for me in his songs and in his life.” Comments for this post are now closed. You may leave a comment for Dr. Maya Angelou here.Find us on      
*Fans In The Mirror
Fans In The Mirror video, created and produced by our own Valmai Owens, Tribute Book Editor / Patchwork Blanket Organizer.Learn more about Fans In The Mirror, the Official Book of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Comments for this post are now closed.Find us on      
*Promotional Videos
Our Latest Promotional Video, featuring Raven-Symone, Nick Cannon, Dionne Warwick, Marlan Wayans, Andrea White & Jeanne White-Ginder, (Ryan White's sister and mother) Maya Angelou, and more! Promotional Video 1: Promotional Video created by Anne-Sophie (Dot #5555). This is the video that won the YouTube contest. Congratulations to our French dot member Anne-Sophie!  Promotional Video 2: Another great Promotional Video created by our French Dot Member Anne-Sophie (Dot #5555). Promotional Video 3: Another great Promotional Video created by our French Dot Member Anne-Sophie (Dot #5555). Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed.
2009/08/29: Hollywood
Placing dots for fans on Michael's birthday. MANN'S GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATRE August 29, 2009 (Michael's birthday) We spent the earlier part of Michael's birthday placing dots for fans in Hollywood.Michael's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located in front of theGrauman's Chinese Theatre where we were located. Artist David Ilan getting readyto place dots in front of theMann's Grauman's Chinese Theatre.Onlookers take a closer look (and photos) of the Tribute Portrait. In the background you can see people signing up for the Tribute and a tour bus driving by.Kimberly Michele Durham, Tribute Director of Marketing, posing for a shot with a member of the Japanese media.Fans leaving flowers and notes on Michael's star.A dance troup shows off their skills to Michael's music.Placing Dots for FansFind us on      Comments for this post are now closed.
2009/08/29: Ribbon Cutting Event
The launch of the biggest Michael Jackson Tributein the world. August 28, 2009 (the day before Michael's birthday)atThe EDGE Performing Arts Center At a special media event in Hollywood, California, Artist David Ilan cuts the ribbon and draws the first dots in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, the largest tribute in the world! The first dot was drawn for Michael and was located in the area of his heart. The next three dots were drawn for Michael's children. Special Guests included Michael's friends and those who worked with him. They were honored at the event by having their dot drawn next to Michael's. Each celebrated guest spoke about their personal relationship with Michael, shared their fondest memories and talked about why this tribute is so special. (All photos, except those marked with an asterisk (*), were taken by Italian photographer Stefania Rosini. She has taken photos of every celebrity under the sun and we...
2009/08/29: World of Dance Tour
 San Diego Convention CenterWORLD OF DANCE TOURAugust 29, 2009 (Michael's birthday) We were honored to be invited to the World of Dance Tour the evening of Michael's birthday.5,000 dancers and fans packed the San Diego Convention Center.Dancers line up to register for their dotin the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.The big screens show our video, created by the winner of our YouTube contest, Anne-sophie (France).Dave Gonzalez, Wold of Dance organizer.A wonderful event.David with dance troup Hi Definition.Taking time out for interviews.Placing Dots for Dancers Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed.
2010/02/24: Choreographers CRIS JUDD and THE TALAUEGA BROTHERS Join the Tribute
Imagine dancing with Michael Jackson. Renowned choreographers Cris Judd, and Rich and Tone Talauega don't have to imagine - they lived the dream and were part of the magic! Now watch them be part of Michael's Tribute Portrait at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, CA, where Michael rehearsed for the "Thriller" video.Comments for this post are now closed. You may leave a comment for Cris Judd here, and for Rich and Tone here. Find us on      
2010/02/24: QUEST CREW Gets Their Dots
On February 24, 2010, Quest Crew, the winners of MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew" 2009 were honored by The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Comments for this post are now closed. You may leave a comment for Quest Crew here.Find us on      
2010/04/01: Travis Payne, Stacy Walker and Milo Levell Receive Their Dots
Dot CeremonyTravis Payne, Stacy Walker & Milo Levell get their DOT in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait (MJTP), in the studio where Michael Jackson rehearsed "Thriller" and "Captain Eo."  Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed.
2010/06/13: Dionne Warwick Dot Ceremony
Dionne Warwick gets her dot at her "Under the Stars" benefit concert for Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena’s Memorial Park. Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed. You may leave a comment for Dionne Warwick here.
2010/06/18: Nick Cannon Dot Ceremony
 Nick Cannon received his dot in Studio City, California on June 18, 2010. Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed.
2010/06/22: Raven-Symone Dot Ceremony
 Raven-Symone received her dot June 22, 2010, at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood.  This is the same studio where Michael rehearsed for the "Thriller" video. Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed. You may leave a comment for Raven-Symone here.
2010/06/26: Filmmaker Larry Nimmer interviews MJTP Artist, Producer and Team Member
In a June 2010 interview with filmmaker Larry Nimmer (creator of Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland), David Ilan, Jerry Biederman, and Tribute Team Celebrity Coordinator Michelle Easter discuss the Portrait: Michael, how it works, the meaning behind it, the people who support it (Michael's family, friends and fans), and how it's bringing together people from all over the world.If you're having trouble viewing this video, please go to here to learn more about Larry Nimmer.Find us on      Comments for this post are now closed. 
2010/06: Ryan White's Mother and Sister discuss the MJTP
 Ryan White's mother, Jeanne White-Ginder, and sister, Andrea, speak about Michael Jackson and the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.Comments for this post are now closed. Find us on      
2010/07/30: A Trip to Gary, Indiana, June 2010
Fellow dot member Debbar spent June 25th, 2010, at 2300 Jackson St., in Gary, Indiana.  For all of us who could not be there, she has shared with us what it was like to be where Michael and his brothers and sisters began their lives, where the Jackson 5 got started..where the magic began.  Please read Debby’s story and watch her video.Thank you, Debby, for allowing your entire MJTP family share this experience through you. Remembering Michael, Gary Indiana June 25, 2010By Debby aka Debbar The first time that I went to Michael's childhood home at 2300 Jackson St., it was a huge surprise. My friend, who is also a dot member, told me that she was taking me for a drive to help me relax. When we got closer to Indiana, which is about 50 minutes away from where I live, I started questioning why we were going there.  She claimed that her brother wanted some lottery tickets from a gas station that had recently sold winning...
2010/08/29: 'In Your Eyes' - Tribute to Michael for His 52nd Birthday
 Tribute Team Member Anne-Sophie, Graphic Designer for the MJTP, made this very beautiful video as a Tribute to Michael Jackson for his 52nd birthday.   Comments for this post are now closed.
2010/08/29: The MJTP Attends Premiere of "The Way He Makes Them Feel"
August 29, 2010 (Michael's Birthday)David Ilan, along with the Tribute Portrait, were invited to be a featured attraction at the Hollywood Premiere of The Way He Makes Them Feel. Thousands were in attendance and hundreds were able to meet David and witness their dots being drawn.The event also featured Thrill the World Los Angeles flash mob. We would like to thank our hosts, Director/Producer ErinRose Widner, and  Art Exhibit Curator for the Premiere, Kelly Seldan.Many of our dot members attended the screening. They expressed how excited they were to meet David and find their dot in the Portrait. David was just as thrilled to meet them! Artist David Ilan and the movie premiere poster. Thrill The World dancers posing with the Tribute Portrait, David Ilan (top middle), and Maxso, our youth spokesperson (bottom middle)  Movie premiere attendees get their dot live at the event:Comments for this post are now closed.
2010/11: Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait in Rome
 "No L.O.V.E. No Party ed MJ Italian Foundation, presentano l'anteprima italiana del tributo mondiale 'Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait'. Vi presentiamo il video ufficiale della conferenza e dell'incontro con David Ilan e Michelle Easter."  "One Dot = One represent....the meaning of....L.O.V.E.""He chose the pointillism technique, 'cause  he thinks it's difficult to understand how many people there are behind a number...But each of these persons become a dot and make a drawing, this one can help us to realize how many they are." Special thanks from The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait to No L.O.V.E. No Party and MJ Italian Foundation for making the November 2010 event in Rome possible. Read about this event on David's BlogFind us on      Comments for this post are now closed. 
2010/12/13 - 'MICHAEL' CD Release Party
Roseland Ballroom - New York City Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Director of Marketing Kimberly Michele Durham joined Sony executives and the Michael Jackson estate executors, along with other VIPs, for an amazing celebration of Michael Jackson. Fans filled the dance floor as the DJ spun MJ tunes, including tracks from the new CD, MICHAEL, all night long. Among those in attendance were Teddy Riley, Akon, Eddie Cascio, John Branca, Howard Weitzman, Frank Dileo and others.We invite you to check out our video footage from the exciting event:MICHAEL CD Release Party Flash Mob RehearsalMICHAEL CD Release Party Thriller Flash MobPHOTOS:DJ spinning the tracks from MICHAEL, the new CD. Roseland Ballroom Dance Floor – before the doors were opened.  MJTP Director of Marketing Kimberly Michele Durham.Celebrity Choreographer & VIP Dot Bijan “RythmiK” Williams.View from the upstairs VIP area.Dance floor was packed all night long.You could feel the love from the fans on...
2010/12: A Special Holiday Message from the MJTP
I created this video to bring a special holiday message to our entire community; one of peace, love and harmony. We were all brought together by one remarkable man, Michael Jackson. This message is meant to inspire us to be the strong fan-mily unit that he would have wanted us to be.Happy Holidays from the MJTPLinda HigginsDirector of Community Development 
2011/02: Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Exclusive Interview with LaVelle Smith Jr.
February 2011Having received his Dot in the Portrait, world renowned, multi-award-winning choreographer LaVelle Smith Jr. granted The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait an exclusive interview. Get to know a little about LaVelle, his thoughts about Michael the man and what it was like to work with MJ, from a man who choreographed for, danced with and remained good friends with Michael for over 20 years.For  more information about LaVelle, to learn about his summer 2011 Dance Camp click here. For the full text of the interview, see the February 2011 online issue of Jame Cafe, MJTP's free online magazine.~Valerie, MJTP Director of Philanthropy Comments for this post are now closed.
2011/04/13: At the Choreo Show - House of Blues, Anaheim, California
On April 13, 2011, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait attended Courtney Miller Jr.'s Choreo Show.Directed by Eddie Garcia and Tim Stevenson, the Choreo Show featured Orange County’s hottest choreographers and dancers (see more here).Invited by Eddie and Courtney to attend the show as special guests, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Artist David Ilan honored Eddie and Courtney with Dots in Michael's heart onstage before the show. Throughout the evening, David placed Dots on Michael's Portrait for guests attending the show.As announced by Courtney, Eddie and Tim, a portion of the proceeds from the show will be given to the Red Cross to assist with the Japan disaster relief effort.We wish to thank everyone who was able to attend the Choreo Show, and to all who were there in spirit.  It was an amazing show, so full of energy! It was a pleasure meeting so many of you, and it was a night to remember.We'd like to extend very special thanks to Eddie Garcia...
Celebrities & VIPs Get their Dots
 Here is a sampling of photos of some of the celebrities and other VIPs who have endorsed / support the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.Azja Pryor addresses guests before she gets her dot at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, August 28, 2009.Cris Judd gets his dot on February 24, 2010,at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, where Michael rehearsed the "Thriller" video. Dionne Warwick gets her dot at her "Under the Stars" benefit concertfor Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena’s Memorial Park, June 13, 2010. Dionne Warwick with Portrait Artist David Ilan David Ilan shakes hands with Jermaine Jackson. On November 24, 2009 Jermaine attended our charity event at the AMC Magic Johnson Theatres in Los Angeles, organized by the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait in association with May May Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali) and Torré Reese of FAMLI, INC. (a nonprofit after school enrichment/mentoring program).60 students from three inner city public schools walked...
Michael Jackson's Beautiful Neverland Ranch
We recently came across these two beautiful videos that we feel truly capture the essence of Neverland Ranch and we wanted to share them with you.  They reveal the stunning beauty inside and out; very moving videos that convey perfectly the joy that emanated from this place because of Michael.We hope they touch your heart as much as they did ours.Enjoy!The MJTP Tribute Team Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Part I Michael Jackson's Beautiful Neverland Ranch Part 2var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};       Find us on     Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Wrapped in L.O.V.E. Patchwork Blanket Photos
Here are the photos for the Wrapped in L.O.V.E. Registries and Patchwork Blankets!Click here for information on the Wrapped in L.O.V.E. project.We would like to thank the Jackson family member who personally delivered the cards, beautiful blankets and registries to Michael's mother and children. Katherine's Registry and Patchwork Blanket Paris' Registry and Patchwork Blanket Prince Michael's Registry and Patchwork BlanketPrince Michael II's (Blanket) Registry and Patchwork BlanketFind us on      Comments for this post are now closed.
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