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Announcing the Michael Jackson Tribute CD!


Announcing the Worldwide Release of 

The Michael Jackson Tribute CD

Recording Artists Around the World Come Together To Honor The King of Pop
Original and Inspired Songs By Some of Michael’s Talented Friends & Fans


We are very excited to announce the worldwide release of our exclusive tribute CD, The Beat of Our Hearts: A Musical Tribute to Michael. This amazing album is a compilation of music written and performed by some incredibly talented singers/songwriters who have honored Michael through their music. This is a truly wonderful and unprecedented collection of eighteen original songs written and performed by Michael’s friends and fans.

What makes this album so special is that each song represents a talented artist who was greatly inspired by Michael and deeply affected by his loss. For many of them, their song was their saving grace.

These touching musical tributes were written out of a profound place of love and respect for Michael. Some of the featured artists sing about the things he taught us, such as forgiveness. Others sing about how much we miss him. Tony Wilson, who knew Michael personally, wrote a song titled, “We Call Him Peter Pan,” meant to defend and honor his love for children. Every song tells a story of love.

Other artists featured on the album include: Judith Hill (This Is It), Jason Jackson, MaxsoPatrique Fortson; Sonu Nigam; Bond Biederman; Cyrano, Esq.; Quincy Patrick; Boona feat. Mesha; Lil Jay feat. Laura Rusu & Baros; Sara Thulin; Armand TJ; Blair Taylor; The Champions; Natalie Coluccio; Mike Thompson; and Mr. Gibbor.

These talented artists have taken their gifts and expressed feelings for Michael with lyrics that speak for millions of fans all over the globe. Their words, so genuine and poignant, express beautifully the impact he had on the world. Every song takes you to an emotional place where you remember and reflect on what an amazing human being he was, and how he continues to inspire and move us.  They reflect on how many hearts he touched. They remind us of his strength through troubled times, and they bring tears to our eyes as they remember the man in the mirror.

The artists who have contributed their wonderful music to this CD collection, represent nine countries, including
Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Africa, Russia, Sweden, Romania, India and the United States. Within the United States, artists from Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Illinois and Florida have contributed. This first-time-ever collection truly demonstrates the global love that exists for Michael Jackson.

Music was Michael’s life.  The song “Music and Me” describes perfectly the special relationship they had: We've been together for such a long time …music and me. We’re as close as two friends can be. There have been others, but never two lovers like music and me.

He was an entertainer who achieved unprecedented success, an icon in the music industry. He created the biggest selling album of all time, and yet, remained humble enough to sing backup for other singers.  This tribute CD honors the special love Michael had for music. It’s a must have for all Michael Jackson fans because every artist carries a piece of him through their music; many credit him as being the sole reason for becoming a performer. 

To hear snippets of the songs, please watch/listen to the below video:

Download your copy of  The Beat of Our Hearts: A Musical Tribute to Michael. Exclusive to the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait – your heart will love it!  

Artwork cover by Sophiane Design.


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